Access to Learning

access-roadOnline learning provides an opportunity for students to learn across distance and time. Students can attend a course anytime, from anywhere. The goal of Access to Learning is to increase the awareness of the key role online learning plays in helping our students and workforce meet the challenges of a global economy. Online learning provides the access, flexibility and affordability to meet the demands of busy professionals, working parents, military and emergency personnel.

Maintaining a competitive workforce and increasing access to education in a cost effective manner are among the major challenges facing our nation today. This project recognizes a powerful resource to deal with these needs – online learning.

While no longer a “new” form of instruction, modern technology and enhanced instructional design offer America’s online learners exciting, interactive, and effective ways to gain new skills and academic credentials.

These materials are available to you as a public service project of the Presidents’ Forum, a collaboration of accredited, national, adult-serving institutions which have embraced the power and potential of online education. Our Access to Learning project is intended to acquaint public opinion leaders with the quality, versatility, and effectiveness of this evolving approach to our country’s training and education needs.

The Presidents’ Forum sincerely believes that the capacity and quality of online learning can help us meet the training and re-training needs of a competitive workforce, as well as open doors to education for those disadvantaged by time, distance, cost, profession, disability, or other personal circumstance.