About The Presidents’ Forum

Welcome to the Presidents’ Forum!

The Presidents’ Forum, established in 2004, is a collaboration of accredited, national, adult-serving institutions and programs which have embraced the power and potential of online education. The Mission of the Presidents’ Forum is to advance the recognition of innovative practice and excellence in online learning. This is accomplished by providing a venue for leaders in higher education and stakeholders to share their knowledge and learn from others’ best practices.

An Alternate Approach

The Presidents’ Forum, hosted by Excelsior College, provides both traditional and non-traditional institutions the opportunity to exchange knowledge and perceptions of current models and tools for successful operation in an online environment.

The Presidents’ Forum has established an annual program to consider pressing issues affecting all sectors of higher education. And it is expected that, through the Forum, institutions will be assisted in enhancing their available resources through new partnerships, collaborations, and learning networks that support desired change in the structure of higher education.

The Forum will continue to seek opportunities to disseminate leadership learning through presentations at regional and national meetings of partner organizations and will maintain this Web site to share information, encourage appropriate change, and shape the focus of its continuing dialogue.